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The Anti Aging Mindset, the essential start to any Anti Aging Program

The Anti Aging Mindset is half of the foundation that "The Source Longevity Plan" is based on. We are now going to go through some reasons why it is important, and then 10 keys to possessing the anti age spirit.

So "Why?" you say, "Is it so essential?"

Because what you set your mind to do, determines how you act. Always has, always will.

If you don't start with or agree with at least a few of the following simple (please know I am not going to put a burden on you, this plan is all about freedom, remember?) reasons to acquire the anti aging mindset, you’ll have serious problems following our program.

Why is my mindset important?

1.) Changes to your eating habits will at best be temporary because you never really wanted to change them in the first place.

2.) You may supplement your diet well but it will not have its fullest effect.

3.) You can perform a thousand therapies on your skin but people will still be able to tell your age.

Why is this? Because what is inside, how you think, comes out in more ways then we can control. In how we talk, walk, stand, and even look at people.

So let's get right down to it...

6 Ways To Think Anti Age

The prefix "Anti" from Anti Aging Mindset has two interesting Greek root meanings. Everyone knows the main one and that is "against". But the second is lesser known but just as important. It can also be translated as "In place of".

First, 3 points supporting how to be "anti's" first definition of "against":

1.) Aging is a Disease!

The first thing that we need to know about to get the anti aging mindset, is that it is a sickness!

It has a multitude of symptoms, and we call them by many names, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Heart Disease, etc. But their root cause is aging.

If aging weren't a disease, why are some more susceptible than others? Why do some break down faster/slower?

Once you get this idea it naturally flows to the next.

If aging is a disease, then:

2.) Aging can be fought

Aging's onset is not inevitable and not incontestable. And that is the key to this point. We can fight aging, like we can fight cancer, or the common cold! And the place to start is the anti aging mindset!

We all know that guy who just seemed to wake up one day and believe that it was time to get old. He started walking with a limp or a cane and started mumbling all the time. He may only be 50 but don't tell him that, because he acts like he is about to die tomorrow! His only problem is that he doesn't have an anti age mindset.

I know a man who at 70 years of age was still working with wood as a carpenter in his back shop (On a side note, he is also an active pilot and flying coach). One day he had a horrible accident, broke his hand, several of his ribs, his nose, etc. (You get the point, he got really messed up). You might expect him to become like the person we just talked about.

But he did not! He kept his anti age mindset.

He refused to grow old and was back within 6 months, just as healthy and a go-getter. He fought and won the war that he could have lost if he had fallen prey to the idea that it was time to get old.

So how can we fight?

That is answered next:

3.) Ways to Fight Aging

Since we are using the battle illustration, let us imagine what kind of battle we are talking about here and that is a siege.

For those who don't know what a siege is. That is when a castle (don't think Disney, but think Camelot) is surrounded on all sides by enemies. We are those inside the castle and aging is the enemy outside wanting to get in and destroy us in any way it can.

The first thing any castle needs before moats, gates and walls, is good morale.

That is a positive spirit about their circumstances.

Building our anti aging mindset, the first step in boosting our morale, is by knowing we can fight.

Knowing we can fight and are under siege. We need to be acting like that. Which is our next step:

The second step is to watch your entire wall.

Aging is tricky and will try to sneak in so many ways. As we go through the other parts of the plan you will see this more and more. But suffice to say, once you know you are at war, you need to be guarding your walls, watching for anything that could be trying to get in that could pull you down.

The third step is watching what comes in through your gate (your mouth).

A castle has to eat and in this war we get to choose what goes into our castle and supports its function. The abundance and quality of your supplies leads to better function along your wall, and morale just keeps building!

This is where our anti aging diet/longevity diet and anti aging supplements , come into play. Check them out after you are done!

3 points supporting, how to replace aging in the Anti Aging Mindset, with it's second definition of "in place of".

1.) Have A Reason To Live

Either by accident or aging, we all die regardless of our anti aging mindset. This may seem contradictory to the first points, but let me explain.

Knowing that we all die, we need to acquire the mindset of how to spend what time we have doing the most good. This does not need to be a point to be dwelt on but considered and moved on from.

Time is a gift that we can and should fight for but if time is all we are fighting for it is a wasted fight. We need to have a purpose to live more then just wanting to live. Be anti age in your actions and live forever.

Find your purpose; help out at your local church more, lead a boy scout troop, volunteer at the YMCA, whatever you feel will help you to give back life to those who need it.

2.) De-Stress your life

Remove, reduce, or replace the stress in your life as best you can. Stop working long hours, retire, and learn not to take family situations so seriously. All of these and more lead to stress which can give aging that hole in our walls that it needs to take us down faster then we can imagine.

We all know what stress is but for the most part don't know how to manage it. There are supplements and medications but the best is to:

Remove the stress completely.

If you know and can remove the source of your stress consider doing it. If your boss is the source of your stress, try and transfer somewhere else. Be sure that he is the source of your stress before you do it though.

This goes for anything you might find stressful. Be sure it is the source before you remove it. Many times the source could be something else. In our example, maybe it is just the job that is geared to be stressful and it appears that the boss is affecting us, but it is just his job!

Reduce the stress.

Using our example again, perhaps you can't transfer out but maybe you can avoid talking with the boss that much or working alongside him all the time. This can do wonders by itself. The next option is the best though:

Replace the stress.

You do this by becoming friends with your boss (I know, perish the thought!). But I am serious; everyone has something to love in them, interests and things that stress them out. With a bit of understanding and time you can learn to love anyone. If what is stressing you out is a person that is. If it is a job, find something to love about it besides how much money you make. Contact me and ask if you have anymore questions or want advice on anything specific!

3.) Enjoy Your Life

The biggest key of all to being anti age, I have saved for last!

Enjoy yourself with the anti aging mindset!

Find enjoyment in everything! Enjoy the sunrise on the way to work or the clouds in the sky. Enjoy your husband/wife to their fullest even with all their differences to you! Enjoy our longevity diet !

Find enjoyment in everything and you will be well on your way to the anti aging mindset at its finest! - Tired of taking medicine? Learn how therapeutic grade essential oils can change your life and home.

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